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How To Pickup Your Incredible Soft Matzo:

All matzos will be picked up at the pickup location of your choice (called buying clubs).  Simply select the buying club nearest you from the mandatory drop-down menu during checkout.  You'll receive an e-mail about the specific date(s) and time(s) for pickup, as Passover approaches.    

At the moment our web store platform requires shipping info, but we can't actually ship the matzo directly to you, so please don't be confused by this glitch. Thanks for understanding as we work out our startup's kinks.

- The Mitzvah Matzos team


Do you talk about freedom and slavery at your seder? If so, do you do anything about slavery today? "What slavery?" you might ask. 

Well, that's where we come in. Mitzvah Matzos is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit with two goals. One is that we aim to educate and raise awareness about the approximately 40 million slaves in the world today. Yep, million. These slaves are victims of human trafficking. A quarter of them are children.

In case you're wondering what you could possibly do to help, our second goal is to send all profits to organizations with established track records in fighting human trafficking and helping survivors find their paths to independence and freedom.

So, this year, make your matzo Mitzvah Matzos. Free slaves.




At Mitzvah Matzos, we bake seder matzos l'shem matzot mitzvah, for the sake of the mitzvah of eating matzo at the seder and being moved by the experience. Our matzot are soft matzot. The profits fight slavery. Thicker texture, thicker ritual. 

Though soft matzot may seem non-traditional, they more accurately represent what Jews celebrated Passover with for most of Jewish history. For more info on this, read about the story of soft matzo or learn the primary Jewish sources. They're still made in under eighteen minutes and they're under the orthodox rabbinic supervision of Lighthouse Kosher.

Not your bubbie's matzo. Your bubbie's bubbie's matzo.

Raising Awareness

Mitzvah Matzos offers a variety of educational workshops. We seek to raise awareness about human trafficking, but we throw in matzo baking sessions and info sessions on the history and halakhot, the Jewish laws, of matzos if desired, too. We offer age-appropriate workshops for kids, teens, and adults.

Again, all profits from these sessions go to fight human trafficking. As a bonus, a more educated public helps fight trafficking by spotting when something is off in an airport or bus station, at the city park, or in the massage parlor. Just knowing the signs and asking or reporting where appropriate can be another way to put the slave-masters out of business.

These workshops are great for schools, synagogues and temples, JCCs, Hillels or anywhere there is a group of people that wants to make a difference. Interested? Contact us.

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The Co-Founders

Meet the husband and wife team Barry Dolinger & Naomi Baine.

Rabbi and Speech Pathologist by day…

Matzo Maestros by night.

Barry works hard to enrich the spiritual lives of those in his congregation and community as well as to make the kosher food industry more responsive to customer needs and spiritual values.

Naomi’s great-great-great-grandfather founded the country’s first matzo factory in 1884 to meet local needs.  Now, it’s time for a remix.

We’re passionate about reinventing matzo to combat modern forms of slavery.  We have many crazy entrepreneurial ideas, and we’re excited to put one into action.

Chief Baker

David Kaplan, M.D.

David grew up in Cleveland.  He has a B.A. from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and an M.D. from Washington University in St. Louis.  He did residency training at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pennsylvania.  He practiced emergency medicine in Rhode Island for nearly 40 years.

He likes the way that the Mitzvah Matzos project uses the enduring traditions and spirit of Passover to confront continuing oppression.

When not baking matzo,  David can be found biking, cooking, doing his Yiddish homework, or telling a joke.  Outside of the matzo kitchen, he thinks that life should be leavened by humor or at least by a good pun.

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