It's that time of year again . . . 

Though Covid-19 presents ongoing challenges, we're committed to providing ​soft, organic, shmura matzo that's radically realigned with its values.  As always, all profits go to charity.  Sales are now live!

How it Works:

For Passover 2021, we have two items available for sale, our famous soft matzo and 5 lb. bags of organic, shmura flour for those looking to bake themselves. 

For those interested in purchasing matzo, we're currently only able to ship matzo to partner pick-up sites (what we call buying clubs) in the locations listed below. Note, some cities have multiple partners and some also have a home delivery option.

When making the purchase, you’ll be prompted to select your pick-up location from a drop-down menu.  Pickup will occur sometime between March 21st and March 26th.  You'll receive an e-mail closer to Passover with exact details regarding the pick-up date and time for your selected location.

For those ordering flour, there are two options:  1)  You can order flour for pick-up at one of our buying club pick-up locations.  Simply scroll down in our store and select the location you'd like.  2)  We're able to ship flour anywhere in the continental U.S. this year.  Sorry, we can't currently ship internationally.  The shipping cost is already built into the price of the flour.  For your convenience, check out this DIY matzo baking video.

Please scroll down to our online store below. By purchasing matzo on a mission and flour to empower, you have closed the gap between ritual and action by actively fighting human tracking.  Thank you for joining our campaign to put your matzo where your mouth is!  

Buying Club Locations

Providence, Rhode Island

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sharon, Massachusetts

Natick, Massachusetts

Wayland, Massachusetts

West Hartford, Connecticut

Stamford, Connecticut

New Haven, Connecticut

Westchester, New York

North Riverdale, New York

New York, New York

Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

Rockville, Maryland

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Durham, North Carolina 

Raleigh, North Carolina

Skokie, Illinois