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It's that time of year again . . . 

Though supply chain and shipping costs have increased throughout the pandemic, we're committed to providing ​soft, organic, shmura matzo that's radically realigned with its values.  As always, all profits go to charity.

We have made a few changes in distribution for our products, so please keep reading below.

How it Works:

For Passover 2022 we've simplified and are selling two products: Soft, organic shmura matzos (a.k.a. matzos on a mission), and organic shmura wheat flour (a.k.a. flour to empower). The matzos come in packs of three and can be bought only through buying clubs for those located near one where they can pick up their purchase. The flour is only available via direct shipping to you, not at buying clubs. 

When making a matzo purchase, you’ll be prompted to select your buying club pick-up location from a drop-down menu.  Pickup will occur sometime on or after April 3rd. We'll email you closer to that date with exact details. When making any purchase you'll be prompted to enter your mailing address. This lets us know where to ship your flour if that's what you've ordered, and if not, helps us to catch errors in buying club location selections.

For those ordering flour, we're able to ship flour anywhere in the continental U.S. this year to building addresses.  Sorry, we can't currently ship this product internationally, to AK, HI, or P.O. boxes.  The shipping cost is already built into the price of the flour.  For your convenience, check out this DIY matzo baking video.

Please scroll down to our online store below. By purchasing matzo on a mission and flour to empower, you have closed the gap between ritual and action by actively fighting human tracking.  Thank you for joining our campaign to put your matzo where your mouth is!  

Buying Club Locations

Atlanta, Georgia

Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Natick, Massachusetts

New York, New York

Providence, Rhode Island

Raleigh, North Carolina

Riverdale, New York

Sharon, Massachusetts

Stamford, Connecticut

West Hartford, Connecticut

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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