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Hand-made artisanal soft shmura matzos crafted with local, organic wheat and water. Certified Kosher for Passover by Lighthouse Kosher.


Have a more authentic seder experience. Each batch is unique based on the seasonal grain and weather, made like the "bread of affliction" really might have been. And, all proceeds go to fight modern slavery (in the form of human trafficking) to further enrich your Passover experience.


Eat. Experience. Enjoy.

Matzo on a Mission - Buying Club Pickup

  • Please keep matzos frozen in sealed container until time of use. Defrost wrapped in foil either in an oven or on a warming tray. After unwrapping from foil, enjoy promptly.


    Poor man's bread, or authentic seder matzo contains no preservatives. It therefore will go stale or bad more easily than matzo designed to be shelf stable. Experience matzo the way it really would have been...but with the benefit or a freezer to put those processes on hold. Enjoy!

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